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  • $100 Security Deposit on units marked with *** to qualified new tenants with a well documented 3 year good rental history.
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Address City Bedrooms Price Available Specials
7711 W Bender - Upper Unit-3Milwaukee, WI 532182 Bedrooms$600 Avail Now
2506B S 12th St. - Lower RearMilwaukee WI 532152 Bedrooms$625 Avail Now
2135 S 24th - LowerMilwaukee, WI 532153 Bedrooms/half garage$800 Avail Now
7711 W Bender - Upper Unit-4Milwaukee, WI 532182 Bedrooms$647 Avail Now
2534 S 5th Pl - LowerMilwaukee, WI 532071 Bedroom$564 Avail Now***
1927 S Congo Ave - UpperMilwaukee WI 532042 Bedroom$675 Avail Now
1560A S Union St. - UpperMilwaukee WI 532043 Bedrooms$715 Avail Now
1663A S 6th ST - Apt 2 - Upper RearMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedrooms rear house -upper apt$590 Avail Now***
1569 S 10th - Upper Front Unit-3Milwaukee, WI 532041 Bedroom$573 Avail Now***
1916A W Rogers - Upper Milwaukee, WI 5320,Large 2 Bedroom$634 Avail Now***
2627 A S 6th - UpperMilwaukee, WI 532152 Bedroom w/ Diningroom$678 Avail Now***
2232 S 6th St. - LowerMilwaukee WI 532152 bedroom$630 Avail Now
2341A S 10th St. - Upper Milwaukee WI 532153 bed** 3 floor$615 Avail Now
1911 S 11th - Lower Rear Unit-2Milwaukee, WI 532041 Bedroom$567 Avail Now***
1439A S 7th - UpperMilwaukee, WI 532043 Bedroom $704 Avail Now***
4627 N 27th - Unit-5Milwaukee, WI 532091 Bdrm, Heat, hot water$489 Avail Now***
1028 W Pierce - LowerMilwaukee, WI 532043 Bedroom$632 Avail Now***
922 S 12th Street - UpperMilwaukee, WI 532043 Bedrooms$698Avail 8/1***
120A W Kassner - Upper Milwaukee, WI 532042 bedroom$547Avail 8/1***
2506A S 12th St. - Upper RearMilwaukee WI 53215$600Avail 8/1
1235 S 22nd - LowerMilwaukee, WI 532042 bedroom $646 Avail Now***
1306 W Greenfield - Lower FrontMilwaukee, WI 532041 Bedroom $567 Avail Now***
2539 S 9th PL - UpperMilwaukee, WI 532152 Bedrooms$680Avail 8/1
1560A S 10th - Lower Rear Milwaukee, WI 532041 Bed USE BACK DOOR$509 Avail Now***
1518A S 22nd St. - UpperMilwaukee WI 532042 bedrrom $700 Avail Now
1611 W Becher - LowerMilwaukee, WI 532042 Bedroom w/ Diningroom$550 Avail Now***

Be Aware of Scams!!!

Affordable Rentals does not accept cash for rent or deposit, ever! Nor do we take applications at the properties. Applications and payments are only accepted at our office, locate at 1020 W National Ave. We only require a $50 money order to hold the property while processing your application. Once you are accepted you must pay the move in money by cashiers check or money order only.

If someone asks you to pay cash at one of our empty apartments, they are trying to steal from you. Don’t be a victim. Call the POLICE!!! and report it to Affordable Rentals at 414-643-5635